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we are a group of sales and business development experts

We love to help our clients to sell great products.

Long story short

We are helpers. We are creators. We are makers. We are caretakers. We are negogiaters. We are salesmen. We are communicators. We are presenters. We are wild. We are serious. We are smart. We are happy. We are active. We are researchers. We are consultants. We are growth hackers. We are a lot of things, but we always focus on helping our clients to position themselfs and their products in the best way.

We provide our clients with expertise in different fields and connect all of them to the core of our services. SALES.

Founder & CEO Micha started his career in Sales Controlling and Corporate Communications in big corporate firms as Schaeffler Group and BMW Group.

The next chapter was the SaaS industry. He joined meltwater as a Sales and Management Trainee to succeed one of the toughest sales educations out there. Learning sales at meltwater also means to think in an entrepreneurial way, so he opened offices accross multiple locations.

The last step before founding leadtodeal was to start the German entity of benify, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe, to set up the strategy for europes biggest market.

leadtodeal is your external Sales and Business Development department. We bring people of all the disciplines you need together. With us you can focus on your product. We help you get traction, find investors and get customers to succeed in business.

We know how to built startups and make them superstars, especially in sales and business development.

By using our broad network of experts and professionals, we provide our clients with the best services you can find to enter your market.

Michael Breuer
CEO leadtodeal

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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we lOve what we do

All of us love to communicate, share thoughts and ideas. We want to help our clients to optimize their business performance. Talk to us!


Kirchstr. 25

10557 Berlin / Germany


+49 176 20201346