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WE take over YOUR
lead generation

We help you to understand your market and provide the best customer journey ever.

Sales coaching

We developed the start of the art leadtodeal SALES COACHING PROGRAMM to lift your sales team to the next level.

The SALES COACHING PROGRAMM is a 9 chapter step by step system, that explains the essentials of sales. It concentrates only on the essentials and offers deep insights into the sales methodology of the 21st century.

We curated and compromized more than 10 years of SaaS selling in different industries, more than 1,000 sales pitches to venture capialists, over 10,000 pages of 30+ books, 500 hours of podcasts that led to a couple of million $ in revenue.

Check out our SALES COACHING PROGRAMM and register online or book our sales coach Michael Breuer for your face-to-face coaching in your company.

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All our Services can be booked individually or as packages.

We help our clients in different ways to optimize their business performance. How can we help you today?

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Sales strategy

We develop your individual sales strategy – status quo analysis and implementation of strategy into your company structure.


We define your target group and built your own sales pipe for your sales team. Target company and target people.

meeting booking

We are your lead generation department. Our job is the first touch point to your potential customers.

meeting execution

We talk to your potential customers and present your solution as your own sales team. Your potential customers don’t even know.

closing deals

We get your new customers on board. Although we name it closing, we start relationships for you and your customers.

sales coaching

We visit your company and coach your sales team in groups and individually. We help you develop your own rockstars.


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